Your Food Taste Will Be Better Owning to Music, Right?

The music directly affects the taste

Basically, the music has a lot of aspects that create the feelings as well as the sensations, based on the way to experience the similar stereo of us during the evolution. The long tempos from the best turntable bring the comfortable sense like the peaceful waves or the gentle breezes, for instance. Or, the piercing sounds make us look back on the cries of the animal, the leaves under the feet of walkers, or the cracking of branches. Of course, the music is not necessary a simple comparison to the surrounding sounds. In fact, it is more complicated. Even, it relies on many various characteristics so that the musicians achieve their desire – the rhythm, tempo, instrument,…

It can say that this complex music may affect listeners in the great manners. We are able to feel sad or happy and concentrate on driving; even, the nostalgic memories can also be recalled. What an ideal it is! All in all, the music impacts to most brain area. Correspondingly, this next one perhaps makes you surprising – what we feel from the senses can be changed by the music. Through the music, we can perceive the tastes – sour, sweet, salty…

Can You Make Your Food Taste Better by Playing the Proper Music?


The crossmodal perception which is used for describing the effect of the senses interacting together. The majority of us thinks that the senses individually work. Nonetheless, the fact of what we have experienced in the surrounding world is the combination of each sense. Occasionally, we don’t recognize or think that they can.

The different music brings the various tastes

It must mention to a common example – the McGurk effect. In particular, it consists of one sound – ba, but the picture of one saying person is different – fa. For a result, since the image is taken by your brain and what your hearing is also be altered, you will just hear fa. Charles Spence – a psychologist specializes in the cross-talk – a strange sensory. A couple of studies related to the sound have been done. Accordingly, he said that the music ought to be interested, especially, those who are working in the food industry.

A specific research of raising the loudness of the music can lead to the higher-rating pleasantness in crunching the potato chips. On the other hand, in the fizz of soft drink, the same effect is clearly shown. Therefore, the restaurants will have the certain benefits by making a pleasant atmosphere. In fact, a research found that raising the BPM or volume of the music will contribute to consuming a lot of drinks and foods. Thus, let’s pay attention to the music and sound. It is noticed that people will open their budget anymore through the classical music. Aside from that, Spence has also recognized that some elements of the music and sound are going to make our taste better. Let’s see – the next!

The Music – A Kind of Seasoning

Including the white noise, the dissonant music, or the consonant option can bring 6 wide range of smells, in particular, drier, less pleasant, and less sweet, according to Spence’s founding. At once, he also recognizes that the sweetness is created by a high-pitched soundscape while a bittersweet toffee is emphasized by a low-pitched soundscape.

The music like seasoning

Consequently, it can show that the savory and bitterness is affected by the low notes. Inevitably, sour and sweet tastes are related to the high notes. This one is also to apply to smells – the woody and smoky scents are associated with the low-pitched soundscape. It is interesting when we might combine both smell and taste with the instruments – the caffeine taste coming with the blackberry and raspberry smells will become strong with the rhythm of the piano, for instance. Apart from, a vanilla flavor was emphasized with the woodwind and piano while the brass helped increase a musky scent. So great!

At the University of Heriot-Watt, Prof. Dr. Adrian North has found the joints of personality with the musical tastes, by utilizing the music to alter the awareness of wine. He studied about 250 students both drinking wine and listening to 1 of 4 chosen songs, based on the emotion – mellow and soft with Slow Breakdown of Micheal Brook; powerful and heavy with Carmina Burana of Orff; subtle and refined with Waltz of the Flowers of Tchaikovsky; refreshing and zingy with Just Can’t Get Enough of Nouvelle Vague.

After all students drank a glass of wine, the estimation for 4 aspects would be done – soft & mellow, powerful & heavy, zingy & refreshing, and refined & subtle. The estimated quality was based on the rating – 0 & 10. 10 was to show a perfection and vice versa. Certainly, people can assume that these students drank the similar kind of wine while listening to music chosen. And the result, it can determine the characteristics of wine based on the sound without the taste.

The Music Make Us Taste Well

By playing the music – the taste will be better

Essentially, we know that we can sing, dance, or play any instruments throughout the music. Actually, the music relates to many different aspects of the brain. In additional to that, it also affects other aspects of your daily life. Interestingly, the music is being listened or the natural sounds around you that can affect the smells as well as the tastes. We can say that this is an unconscious effect. There has an enjoyable hypothesis – the music can make the food taste become better, right? It seems that the answer is “yes”.

How do you recognize after reading this article? According to you, the music really benefits in eating, doesn’t it? Based on some studies above, it is difficult to deny its positive aspects in increasing both the smells and tastes. So, it is certain that we ought to consider a suitable type of music while eating. Like that, not only we can eat more but also it is also good for the health.