Music – The Cure for Your Soul and Health

Music is one of the most essential things in people’s everyday life. But it is not just a simple fact that music is only a means of entertainment that helps human relax and have fun, music also has enormous influence to mental and physical condition to individuals. Using music as a therapy treatment has been discussed as a serious issue that was concerned by scientists all around the world.

It is not random that symphonies of Mozart or other famous song composers are often recommend for children and babies all around the world. They are often played with the best record player to get the best result. There must be some kind of effectiveness that is clearly so that people often do researches on the benefits of music to human.


According to recently results of scientists all around the world, music is the best cure for the soul and health of human.

  1. Music improve the function of brain:

Music arouses some certain areas inside the brain that helps develop the functions. Quick tempo songs and melodies often make the brain to work harder with clear mind, more active and more sensitive with factors to react faster and correctly. When listening to an eventful favorite song, the brain becomes energetic that make people do work with enthusiasm and much better results.

In contrast, songs with slow and gentle melodies have the effect of relaxing the mind; help your brain to lose the stress. Therefore, music helps the whole body to feel relieved, reduce stress and anxiety – which are the main reason that increase the rate of diseases related to the heart.

  1. Music therapy helps preventing and healing effectively:

According to American scientists, music is also treated as a therapy that has the effect to make patients to feel relaxed and getting back normal mental state after shocks. In many famous hospitals in the world, music therapy brings various successes in motivating the healing process of patients.

  1. The therapy for the soul or secret to prevent senescence:

With patients who are facing other problems such as depressions, sadness… music is one of the answer that help people become happy and get back the balance life.

A person that often plays music and has music senses is often positive and pessimistic people. This is also the secret to help the soul younger and positive state of mind… in order to reduce the process of senescence of body and nerve system. With women, relaxing with music is also the key to a healthy and strong skin and youth.

  1. Music helps people to have good meals:

That sounds crazy, but the truth has been claimed be scientists that: listening to some ballads within the meals can help the digest system to work harder and better. To explain for this one, American scientists said that when you listen to music, cortisol rate inside your blood is reduced, so the whole body is relaxed and can absorb more nutritious from the same food we eat. This process also arouses the appetite feeling in your brain.

  1. Enjoy listening to music to achieve the best results:

It’s not listening to music all the time can bring the best achievements to your body. Selecting and enjoying music have to be chosen carefully with reasonable time and place. Some energetic and loud songs in the morning is the best tonic to your body every day.

Listening to music in the morning can give the boost to your brain, release depressions and stress, and help people to get ready for a hard working day.

When in stressful work, a little bit ballads would take effect to your brain, help you to focus on the work with 100% patience and the mission would be easy and effective. Of course this depends on the favorite genre of each individual.

Music is one of the most effective therapies in the world. It is not only be used as a type of entertainment methods but also the international language that help people get together quickly. In fact, music helps people to understand each other quickly and make everybody friendly through songs. I believe that music is the part of your life no matter who you are.